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Three Paths to Calm

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The Zen Effect Breathwork Experience

MoVida, 1518 N. Alexandria Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Join us on February 3rd for a unique, experiential adventure into sound and breath guided by composer Rolfe Kent and breathwork facilitator Michael Kass!

We’ll be bringing two incredibly powerful experiences together for an evening of community, relaxation, and healing. Check it out...

The Zen Effect is an innovative composition of ambient tones for healing, meditation, enhanced concentration and access to deeper states of consciousness composed, created, and performed by acclaimed film score composer Rolfe Kent.

Breathwork is a simple, powerful practice that encourages a state of deep relaxation. In this state long repressed emotions may be released and you may access parts of yourself that have been long neglected. After just one session, many people report an increased sense of well-being, deep connection with self, and awareness of being part of something much greater than themselves. Breathwork is safe, different for everyone, and best explored through direct experience!

What will happen when we bring these two forces together? Join us to be among the first to experience it!

7:30 PM: Doors and mingling 8:00 PM: Doors close and program begins 9:00 PM: Hang Out and Chat 9:30 PM: Event Ends